Project: Provide Food and Medical Care for Hundreds of Poor and Needy Villagers!

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About Cause: SAI Global Mission Foundation

In today’s global environment, during these fast-paced, challenging times, it is easy for us to forget that many individuals, villages, and entire societies are in dire need of the basic necessities of life. Food, water, medical care, and shelter are some of these urgent requirements that are not available to needy people on a daily basis in numerous regions of our otherwise abundant and prosperous world.

SAI Global Mission Foundation was created in early 2013 as a registered, international non-profit organization in USA to further promote local charitable activities commenced in October 2006 in Chennai, India. The foundation’s worthy objectives and initial set targets of providing critical assistance to predominately poor and rural populations already have been met and exceeded.

As of January 2014, after almost 8 years of dedicated, uninterrupted support, approximately 12,000 people per month receive food distribution services; another estimated 8,500 men, women and children benefit from free medical services. Since the initiation of these important activities, more than 4000,000 hungry people have been fed and another 300,000 individuals received medical care. Additional centers and regions are added on an on-going basis as the SAIGM Foundation assists more people by providing them with basic essentials and services.

It is not only the numbers of people served that speak of the organization’s successful plans and initiatives, but the improvement in individual lives, the overall advancement of the societies assisted, and the continual promotion of human values for all of mankind…serving all always, in all ways.

“Serve All Always, in All Ways”

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About Project

Food Distribution

Food distribution started in October 2006 with the provision of healthy, nutritious food for one village; presently, free food is given to hungry residents in multiple rural locations all over India. Being able to give a simple meal to a starving person is a valuable service; propagating “unity in diversity” and providing the same assistance for thousands of people, regardless of circumstances, achieves another level of humanitarian aid.

Medical Camps

Currently, 35 centers provide medical services to 200 villages in 6 states of India; the inhabitants of these specific areas have no other access to on-going health services. On a weekly basis, qualified physicians and assistants come to the appointed, pre-screened and selected rural community (of a population of 500 or more) to administer medical outpatient clinics; all exams, medicines, and any required specialty care referrals are given at no cost to the patient. Any required surgeries are also provided free of charge to needy persons, in association with pre-approved hospitals. All patient records are maintained by the organization to ensure proper care and continuity. From general illnesses to acute cases, all patients are given access to consistent, quality care, individual attention, and follow-up, if required.

Future Societal Advancement Initiatives -

  • Providing Food and Medical Services for additional village locations in India.
  • Initiating Preventative Care: culturally appropriate programs for instruction in health, nutrition, and hygiene.
  • Establishing a Mobile Clinic with screening and basic treatment facilities.
  • Developing Tele-Medicine Programs for comprehensive medical assistance in remote areas.
  • Creating Qualified Emergency Disaster Teams to assist in global disaster areas.
  • Expanding Societal Advancement Initiatives to assist poor, rural regions of other countries.
  • Scaling the service activities to cater to 2 Million people every year.

We invite you to join SAIGM Foundation in our mission to improve disadvantaged societies through compassionate service; thereby contributing to universal harmony and global moral advancement.

Project Updates

·         CauseBackr participated in the charity fundraiser held by Sai Global  at the Jain Community Center in Milpitas California – May 3rd 2014. . It was an evening of delightful music by Lalitya Munshaw,

·         We are now announcing the DirectDonate  option for CauseBackr Donors as a parallel choice to Vendor Transactions.