CauseBackr™ - Message to Businesses & Vendors

The CauseBackr Vision

  • Fund meaningful Cause projects. CauseBackr does not directly soliciting funds for any Cause. We have an “Earn” model not an “Ask” framework.
  • CauseBackr provides a virtual bridge to facilitate business transactions between Vendors and Buyers & impact Projects.
  • Establish a Community of businesses, vendors and Service Providers and Professionals have the CB stamp that some Buyers consider in their Buying decision.
  • Buyer purchases and transactions with you, indirectly through CauseBackr, can have a strong impact on meaningful projects.

  • Businesses & Vendors – Sell and Generate Leads
  • Buyers & Customers - Browse & Transact
  • CauseBackr - Funds meaningful Projects & Impacts

Who are CauseBackr Vendors?

A broad canvas of Vendors supporting a worthy Cause as a CauseBackr

  • Any Business that requires a positive sales impact and brand building
  • Ecommerce Vendors – selling products and services
  • Service providers & Professionals - small business offering specialized service
  • Entertainers with a social conscience who wish to promote & support a Cause
  • An Individual with grass-roots support campaigning for meaningful change

Why CauseBackr?

How does CauseBackr work?

  • CauseBackr - Selects Cause Projects. There is no listing fee.
  • Businesses- Use CauseBackr as their Sales Channel and optionally offer promotions.
  • CauseBackr– Actively promotes these Businesses through an array of marketing and Biz Dev. channels both online and otherwise.
  • Buyers and Customers- Browse and Buy from CauseBackr Vendors.
  • Businesses Vendors- Provide CauseBackr a small fee as Sales occurs
  • CauseBackr-
    • Allocates a portion of its fee & Fund Projects. It is a results-based performance based purport at its core, that is win-win for both Vendors, Buyers and Projects
    • Tracks and posts progress of the Project until completion.

Experience the CauseBackr difference

  • The ripple- effect benefits are results-driven
  • Businesses– Act & Transact & see positive impact to their sales
  • Buyers and Customers- Impact with their purchase
  • CauseBackr- Impacts with Funds to Cause projects

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We are excited at the prospect of working with you.
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CauseBackr Team
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