CauseBackr Message to Causes

CauseBackr is a performance-oriented network aimed at raising funds for specific focused projects. By shopping for goods and services offered by retailers represented on the CauseBackr website, supporters can direct a portion of every dollar they spend towards their chosen Cause projects.

What is a Cause?

CauseBackr defines Cause as a focused effort towards a noteworthy change that appeals to our common humanity and is designed to make a meaningful difference in all our lives. Causes include efforts made by -

  • Non-profit organizations
  • A community association raising funds for a cause
  • An individual raising funds for a Cause
  • A Campaign for a Cause

How does CauseBackr work?

  • Non-profit organizations
  • CauseBackr selects Cause funding projects. There is no listing fee for Causes.
  • CauseBackr identifies Sellers to support a Cause and posts Seller’s promotional offers.
  • Sellers offer special promotional offers to Buyers through CauseBackr.
  • CauseBackr promotes Sellers, who pledge to support to a worthy Cause, along with the Cause they select.
  • Buyers looking for deals, in turn use the Seller promotional offers. Each time a Buyer redeems the code, the Seller provides CauseBackr a service fee. CauseBackr allocates a portion of its service fee from each Seller towards funds required for that Cause’s project. Sellers and Buyers thus are CauseBackrs.
  • CauseBackr directly funds the selected Cause project from the service fee it receives from each Seller.

Why CauseBackr?

  • Cause is the beneficiary and gets funds for project.
  • No listing fee. CauseBackr serves as a free online fund-raising avenue for a Cause.
  • CauseBackr provides marketing promotions for the Cause through Giving Alternatives platform.
  • CauseBackr provides positive exposure and visibility to the Cause.
  • CauseBackr identifies Sellers to support special projects. CauseBackr thus serves as close partner with Cause to promote supporting Sellers to the marketplace.
  • CauseBackr works with Cause to track and publish results of the project funding to CauseBackrs.

If you have a meaningful Cause project and are interested in being considered as a CauseBackr Cause beneficiary in our subsequent round of funding efforts, please contact us with introductory information about your Cause. We can interactively discuss and, if there is mutual interest, we can begin the due diligence process starting with CauseBackr Sign-Up Application. Please note- submitting CauseBackr Sign-up Application will ensure active consideration of your Cause project in this selection process, but does not necessarily mean selection of your Cause for funding.

Best Wishes,
CauseBackr Team
CauseBackr is a Xumri Group company