Cause Projects

Cause – Good New Bears

Project – Give the Gift of a Bear Hug!

“Sponsor a Bear” enables you to sponsor a new teddy bear for $5. You can send the bear to a child or a senior, veteran or active service personal, or anyone else you want to show love, encouragement, and support to. You can personalize the bear by writing your name and contact information along with an encouraging message on the bear’s tag!

For detailed information, check out Good News Bears’ Cause Project page.

Cause – Hope Abides

Project – Help Build a Dining Room for Orphans!

“Mission for the Rural People” is an orphanage in the state of Andhra Pradesh in India. The orphanage does not have a dining hall so the children sit on the floor for meals. This is not too big of an issue during the dry seasons. However, it is a major problem during rainy season because 150 or so orphans do not have a place to eat!

For detailed information, check out Hope Abides’ Cause Project page.

Cause - Loved Twice

Project – Clothe Homeless Babies!

Join Loved Twice in helping give underprivileged babies a better start in life! Put a smile on a disadvantaged new parents’ face by helping them give a year’s worth of clothes for their new baby.

For detailed information, check out Loved Twice’s Cause Project page.

Cause – Peninsula Humane Society and Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (PHS/SPCA)

Project – Treat Up to 600 Animals that Need Specialty Care and Give them a Second Chance at Life!

The “Hope Program” helps the neediest animals and gives them a second chance at life. It treats, and then helps place animals, like Hope, that would otherwise not be adoptable because of health and/or behavior problems.

For detailed information, check out PHS/SPCA’ Cause Project page.

Cause – Puyallup Extrication Team (PXT)

Project – Help Firefighters Get a New Trailer to Reach and Educate Other Firefighters!

PXT is in urgent need for a new extrication trailer for their Non-Profit 501-C-3 educational company to continue training firefighters and rescuers all over North America. Their current trailer is too small, and has too many miles on it from traveling to different locations to conduct training. The new trailer would enable PXT to expand their tool and equipment cache and travel safely to train even more firefighters.

For detailed information, check out PXT’s Cause Project page.

Cause – SAI Global Mission Foundation

Project- Provide Food and Medical Care for Hundreds of Poor and Needy Villagers!

SAI Global Mission Foundation’s worthy objectives and initial set targets are to provide basic necessities of life, such as food, water, medical care, and shelter to the predominately poor and rural populations in India.

For detailed information, check out SAI Global Mission Foundation’s Cause Project page.